Apparently not enough folks are getting the word so I have reformatted this page and added some new Information about gate road as well.

The Highway

First I must say a bit about the drive in. Drive cautiously! The highway is one lane in each direction. Way too many burners get injured or killed on this road each year.

Gate Road

After months of preparation and a long drive you have finally turned off the pavement. Pick a lane - they all move at about the same speed because the crew tries to regulate the lanes as they funnel into the gates.

Important Points For The Entry Line:


Everyone will need to exit the vehicle, with their ticket in hand. The vehicle will be searched for prohibited items and stowaways. The easier your vehicle is to search the quicker you will pass through so bear that in mind when packing.

Gate is a grueling, difficult, and sometimes dangerous job so don't expect these folks to be real friendly - they are just trying to get everyone into the city as fast as possible and usually don't have much time to chat.

Many experienced burners like to gift some cold beer or other beverages to the gate crew that processes their vehicle.


The Greeters have a saying "The Party Starts At Greeters". Up to this point since turning off the pavement you have dealt with people with difficult jobs to do, who are more concerned with safety and efficiency than with your personal feelings. But Greeters is where Black Rock City really starts. You will notice a distinct change in vibe once you reach this point.

Here you will be welcomed and given your welcome package consisting of the WWW (what, when, where book), with map, and usually some stickers.

They will ask for any Birgins (some say first timers or virgins) to get out of the vehicle. Birgins are then treated to a brief but fun and dusty rite of passage. Please don't refuse it - 99.9% of all burners have done it and you will regret not rolling if you don't. If you get a dud of a greeter - tell them you want to roll.

Next you get to ring the bell, and after that you are officially a burner.

The greeter will offer directions to where you are heading, a warning about open containers and speeding, plus anything else that needs to be said, then give you a welcome home hug and send you on your way.

As a greeter I can tell you that offers of cold beer are always highly appreciated. Between sucking in all the dust kicked up by vehicles and talking non stop for hours I often lose my voice during my shift.

You Can't Unring The Bell

Every greeter has their own shtick, and most try to make it a memorable experience for all who pass through their station. For me its about the bell, and how your life is about to change forever because you can't unring it.

If you come in on Tuesday between 8 and 12 PM hopefully I will hopefully be your greeter.

Obstructed Tags Addendum

Don't be victimized! If your bicycle / bike rack obscures your license plate carry tools for removing it as well as some zip ties for attaching it to a bike wheel and a cheap flashlight for illuminating it at night.