Sex on the playa can be great fun - or really uncomfortable and awkward. Regardless of your preferences or kink - you can find it at Burning Man. Or even get out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is completely up to you.


First and foremost I need to say a bit about consent because some folks just don't understand basic things. Just because someone is naked, that doesn't mean it is ok to touch them. It may be, but you need to ask for consent first.

The following excerpt from the Bureau Of Erotic Discourse sums it up pretty well. Additionally I highly recommend reading all of their publications available here free.

Gender & Preferences

You will encounter burners in a range of gender identities, sexual preferences, and fetishes. Burners accept them all and there is no room for phobias there. If you receive unwanted attention / advances for whatever reason simply tell them you are not interested.


If someone is starting to act creepy or seems to be getting predatory - get loud and seek assistance. Most theme camps won't tolerate creepers and most burners will help. If it is really bad get a Ranger. Sadly, do not let the overall loving vibe of the burn lull you into a false sense of security - there are some predators that attend simply because so many folks are easy targets there.


Likewise don't let the loving vibe or intoxicants lull you into having unprotected sex. There will be just as many STD's at the burn as you normally find among 70,000 people - if not more since promiscuity is rampant there.


One thing that can make penetrative sex difficult on the playa are the levels of dust and filth. This is much less of an issue if you are in an RV and shower regularly. Ladies should be aware that UTI's are not uncommon when sexually active on the playa.

The cleaner you can keep your body and your living quarters the easier hooking up will be all the way around.