Playa Time

Black Rock City is a magical place and time passes differently there than in the default world for most people. The term playa time was coined to describe this. While this may sound like a bunch of mystical mumbo jumbo to you - its a fact. In large part this is because of the many distractions. Plans, schedules, and such are very difficult to keep on the playa.


Leave your expectations at home and let BRC surprise you. To some extent you have no choice - no matter how much you read or what you expect the burn to be like, it will be different from anything you imagined. There is a reason why burners say "if you've never been there words can't describe it, and once you've been there words aren't needed".

Seeing It All

Even if the burn lasted a year, you couldn't possibly see and experience it all. Don't even try in the single week it lasts - you will be very disappointed, and will miss many of the smaller interactions that are what really make the burn magical.


Since everyone is on playa time leave your impatience at home - scheduled things often don't start on time. The one exception is volunteer shifts - if you volunteer for something make an effort to show up and be on time since they are depending on you.


The city requires volunteers for almost everything. The accepted wisdom is that first timers should not volunteer pre burn since playa time plays havoc with birgins. If you schedule a shift and don't show up it makes things difficult for those who have to pick up the slack. There are many opportunities to volunteer on the playa though. Visit the V-Spot in Center Camp at Playa Info.