The Playa Provides

The playa provides is a common maxim among burners, and I have witnessed it in action personally. There is a huge amount of serendipity that occurs at the burn. Probably because everyone there is far more open to giving, receiving, helping, meeting people, new ideas, etc... Some chalk it up to some form of karma, but whatever is the root of it there is definitely some kind of magic that frequently occurs.

It takes many different forms ranging from simple things like stumbling across someone gifting ice cream while you are daydreaming about ice cream to more improbable things like meeting your soul mate while feeling lonely and depressed. Often it is more mundane things like finding someone with the exact part you need after something breaks.

No Mooching

This doesn't mean is that you should show up totally unprepared and expect everyone to take care of you. Although that's been done - it will quickly get you labeled as a sparkle pony. Burning Man is about radical self reliance so come prepared. Folks will usually be glad to help you out if you forget something (it is a gift economy after all), but constant mooching will not make you any friends.