Grasshopper Night Members

Brand X (Formerly Bobbin)

The deranged driving force that keeps our camp motivated through prodigious use of a bull whip. Sculptor, leather carver, glass artist, painter, candle maker, clothing designer, incense maker, chocolate maker, and all around jack of all trades. Generally able to build anything. Artistic freak who is seeking time travel back to the the 70's, but usually seen disguised as a businessman. Currently driving a 1989 rust bucket pickup - Ummm, make that vintage art car titled "90% rust 10% steel" a work of mobile art crafted by nature, road salt, and 22 years without washing or waxing it.


The serious one. She may be wound too tightly for Burning Man, for that matter she may be wound too tightly for suburbia too (Bonus points for Apocalypse Now reference). The only non artist on the team, but her organizational, budgeting, and financial skills are a great asset. She is also great at tracking down hard to find stuff if nagged about it often enough. Drives a hybrid so that should cover it all.


Excellent drawing skills and expertise with silk screening. Often seen in overly tight jeans and eccentric clothing, thinks perhaps he was born into the wrong decade. Currently attends a go-green oriented business school in Manhattan and runs his silk screened tee shirt business in his spare time.