Grasshopper Night Links

The following are links to some of our favorite sites, as well as camp members sites. Note we are not trying to commercialize this site so this is the only area where we will mention our businesses for those who may be interested.

Member's Sites

One Stop Candle

Everything for Candle Making, Incense Making, Leather Working, and Plaster Craft. Some soap making supplies as well. Site also includes tons of free projects and instructions. Bobbin and AppleJacks main web site.


Chocomolds has everything for chocolate and candy making plus some baking supplies. Site also includes tons of free projects and instructions. Bobbin and AppleJacks other main web site.

Bobbin's Playa Wear

Playa fashions. Custom buttons for theme camps or gifting. Watah's tee shirts, and various other artsy stuff offered as well. Bobbin's Etsy shop.

Burning Man Sites

Burning Man Project

The Official Burning Man web site.


Deuce Of Clubs

You can get lost in this eclectic site for days - highly addictive.


Halcyon's Burning Man video site. Excellent tips and tricks videos.

Resource Sites


Changing the world, one gift at a time. This has rapidly become one of my favorite sites. Gift your unwanted crap, get other folks unwanted crap. And keep the stuff out of landfills in the process. Great for scavanging up stuff for your camp, but also fun to just browse. It is astonishing the amount of good stuff that gets gifted here.

Glo Nation

Glow in the dark paints and pigments. Has some instructions.

Glow Inc.

Glow in the dark paints, powders, and pigments. Has some projects and info as well.

American Science & Surplus

All sort of useful gadgets, lighting and craft supplies.