Playa Cups

Never leave camp without a cup - ever! Doing so may cause all sorts of psychological scars ranging from having to decline free booze to some good natured taunting about being cupless. No matter how poorly prepared you are, you are not truly destitute unless you have no cup! While any cup will do in a pinch, not all cups are equally good.

The Perfect Cup

Optimally your cup will have all the following features:


First thing to do is walk into HOTD bar and tell them you have no cup. They are usually located on the outer ring of center camp. You will find this entertaining if there is a fun bartender on duty.

Should you find yourself out and about in Black Rock City and cupless, proper cup etiquette is essential should you be lucky enough to be served at a camp or bar that has cups to offer. Failure to do so just shows you are the misguided product of a poor breeding program.