Suggestions / Contact

If you have any comments / suggestions / corrections for this guide I'd be happy for your input.

I'm too busy / lazy to set up yet another email account to check at the moment, so if you need to contact me please send a PM on Eplaya to user name: Drawingablank.


Other Resources

I typically don't link to many other burner run web sites as they tend to come and go so it needs too much link maintenance. The following sites are very useful and seem to be stable over the long term.

Lust Monkey

An excellent series of Hints and Tips videos as well as other burn related stuff. This is Halcyon's site.


The official Burning Man message board. Just about anything you could possibly want to know about Burning Man can be found here with enough searching.

Tip - the site's search function is not all that great. For best results use google with eplaya in the search terms.

Important Note: Eplaya is possibly the single greatest resource for Burning Man preparation. It's a repository of thousands of experienced burners wisdom and advice. Like everything else BM radical self reliance is expected and if you are too lazy to search for information before posting common questions - snarky answers will rain on you. It's nothing personal - we are there to help because we enjoy doing so, but answering the same questions over and over hits a nerve.

Burning Man

The official Burning Man web site. The latest version of the survival guide, all sorts of preparation info, regional group info, and much more.