Where To Camp

One of the most common questions asked by those planning their first burn is where do I camp. A natural enough question since in the default world most places to camp are regulated in some way.

Among other things, Black Rock City is an experiment in community. Although large theme camps and other essential services may receive reserved placement to ensure they have enough room, everything else is open camping. It's a very organic type thing and neighborhoods develop with their own distinct vibe all by themselves.

City planning consists mostly of laying out the streets, center camp, porto potties, large art, effigy, temple, medical, postal, and ice services. Placed theme camps are distributed around the city.

The following may help you choose an area suited to you. Keep in mind that there is usually a bit of experimentation with placement of reserved camping areas so things might be slightly different when you arrive.

This may make more sense if you open a BRC Map while reading this (opens in a new window). Note that this is a typical map, but the shaded (reserved) areas tend to change a bit each year.

Things That Pretty Much Never Change Location:

Things That Change A Bit:

Things To Bear In Mind: