Useless Burny Things For Birgins


Welcome to my birgin guide to Burning Man. I am known among the Burner community as Brand X or Bobbin and on Eplaya as Drawingablank or DAB for short.

I have put together some pages with stuff of interest to first time burners based on my experiences. Much of this can be found elsewhere if you read enough, but these can be considered more like condensed guides. Note that these are based on my experience and you will see other opinions that may not coincide with mine - that's because there is no correct way to burn, everyone does it differently.

Note: I have tried to inject some humor to make this crap more memorable, that doesn't mean I wasn't serious about these things.

This is a work in progress that takes a few months of part time effort to compile and update after each burn. If you have any suggestions or corrections please let me know via the contact info below.