Grasshopper Night Art

Final update for 2011 - Due to space constraints nearly every piece of art had to be left behind at the last moment when packing. We ended up with little other than the tees, bandannas, and flag. But so much for the best laid plans, lol.


Due to changes in our travel plans we need to travel much lighter so nearly all the original plans for camp art have been changed. The camp theme has drifted from the original Stone Age Savants idea and is currently wandering aimlessly.

Tee Shirts

We had some really cool tees.


The theater idea is too bulky so has been replaced. I want to leave some surprise for the playa here, so lets just say we are designing an interactive play set.

Bucky Ball

Although we were planning to embellish the covering of our Bucky ball with designs in keeping with our theme, this has been shelved in favor of a covering that will provide better protection from the elements.


A large camp flag or banner is planned - mainly to help us locate the camp, but it will match our camp theme and be a work of art.