Burning Man Photos 2014

Relatively few photos due to camera issues this year. Didn't get around much due to breaking my ankle within hours of arrival.

The folks at this camp brought a massive amount of equipment to gift really awesome swag - a full color rendition of this year's Burning Man Ticket silk screened on anything it would fit on (tee shirts mostly). They dragged that 6 station screening press and a heat tunnel out here.

Where else but Burning Man could you brand your Prom Date.

A bit dusty at the man burn.

The ladies from New Orleans with Errant, No Pants, and me on the last day.

Operation loosen up Errant has begun - Fresh brand and a mohawk. Maybe I should have been a barber.


Mezmer and Thor.

Brazildo, Jimmy Jet, Mezmer.

Errant with Sarah from Germany.

Mezmer Hooping.

You can't get much looser than this.

The end of a great trip, but then when you start each day with Jack Daniels Picklebacks for breakfast after 3 hours of sleep, how could it not be a good time.

Close up of the official Brand X tool.

For those who have asked, I get a brand every year on the playa. The one on the left is from 2012 and the one on the right is from 2014 and in the final stage of healing.