Burning Man Photos

2011 - Black Rock City, day 7.

Sunday - Temple Burn Day.

Sunday the atmosphere is more subdued. Folks are already packing up and leaving to avoid long exodus lines. It is a very depressing day as you see thousands of your closest friends departing.

The temple burn is much more solemn so I left the camera behind.

Bobbin, with the 7 day stare.

Giant smoke rings - I'm guessing they were upwards of 50 feet in diameter before dissipating.

Water, Bobbin, and Mike.


Mike and Naughty.

The RV family.

By late in the day it gets depressing - thousands have left and more are leaving by the minute. The day before you couldn't see 30 feet in this direction.

We packed up before dark and departed at 4AM - it still took 3 hours to hit the pavement.


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