Burning Man Photos

2011 - Black Rock City, day 6.

Saturday - Burn Day. Lots of pics so please be patient while it loads. If you have never winessed this yourself, pics and words can't adequately describe it, but I'll try.

Over 50,000 people in an area about 1,000 feet or so in diameter, mutant vehicles blasting different music until it merges into a steady Boom, Boom, Boom you will not hear anyplace else on earth and can actually feel through your feet. The greatest fireworks show on earth. Followed by gasoline bombs to ignite the pyre. The intense heat hits you seconds after the blasts. Then the cheers as parts start collapsing, followed by the climax of the whole structure collapsing into the worlds largest bonfire. To quote our neighbor Mike - when the man collapses, it's like the entire city has an orgasm.

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