Burning Man Photos

2011 - Black Rock City, day 3.

Wednesday was really dusty, but had the most beautiful sunset of the week including some lenticular clouds that we seem to have forgotten to photograph.

View from our Monkey Love Hut.

AppleJack in front of the camp.

Nice clean bikes.


Bobbin in front of our camp.

Bobbin and Chris and a bit of dust.

Debut of the playa coat

Do these boots make my ass look fat?

Best sunset all week.

Fire and Dust.

The Trojan Horse off in the distance.

A beautiful dome.

Not sure what the artist calls this but we called it the fire coaster.

The Thunder Dome.

A fun place to visit.

If you can get past the

Days since last injury - 0 sign.

A mutant vehicle in line at the DMV.

A rather poor quality photo of the open playa.


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